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The time has come to end the embargo against Cuba !

 June 18, 2015

An overwhelming majority of all American citizens and an ever-growing majority of 
Cuban Americans want normalization of relations between the United States and Cuba. In order to fully normalize relations the universally denounced economic embargo and travel restrictions need to be repealed.

Why does the embargo still exist?

Every year hundreds of thousands of dollars are being given to members and candidates for Congress by the pro-embargo lobby.

It is time for Congress to hear from the majority of Americans and the Cuban American community!  
Support legislators who will work towards repealing the Helms-Burton and Torricelli Acts. President Obama has shown vision and leadership regarding Cuba. However, the only road to full normalization will go through U.S. Congress, and there is a monetary unbalance that can only be rectified by the contributions of those who seek a more mutually beneficial relationship between the two nations.

Become politically active!

Be part of both a changing Cuba and a 
changing of Cuba policy!

US Cuba Now PAC has been advocating for full normalization of relations since 2011 and has been working together with the Cuban American community and other advocates throughout the United States for a more sensible policy with Cuba. Donate now and you will help in the struggle to repeal the embargo.

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